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Admission - ARP 

Admissions criteria

Places in the ARP are allocated by the Local Authority SEN Panel.

  • All requests for placements must be made through the child’s present school to the SEN panel.

  • Pupils must have an EHCP and a diagnosis of social communication difficulties or ASD, with evidence that they are experiencing significant barriers to their learning.

  • Children accessing the ARP will require highly specialised individual arrangements in order to access mainstream classes for up to 25% of their timetable when ready.


Exit Criteria

The majority of pupils will normally need to be supported by the ARP throughout KS1 and KS2. However, if the ‘level of adaptive skills’ for any of the pupils reached the point whereby they no longer required the additional support, then the Annual Review process could make this recommendation to the Local Authority (LA) on a case-by-case basis.


School complaints procedure

Please see our complaints policy.


Our objective is to provide a secure, calm and welcoming environment for children and staff. We recognise that these aspirations can only be achieved by the wholehearted commitment and support of the whole school community. Occasionally, situations will occur which prevent the fulfilment of those aims and give cause for complaint. In order to bring any such occurrences to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion, the school has adopted this Complaints Procedure, based on the local authority’s advice and as used in many other schools in Redbridge. It is important that complaints are raised at the earliest possible opportunity to enable the matter to be dealt with speedily and effectively. An early informal approach is often the best means of resolution of minor problems.


If you have a concern, please talk to the ARP teacher or the SENCo as soon as possible. If necessary, a meeting with the Headteacher can also be requested.

Cranbrook Primary School

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