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Admission - CUBE


The CUBE (Communication and Understanding Behaviours for Education) is a high-quality, short-term alternative provision (intervention) providing SEMH support for children in Years 2-6, their families and schools across Redbridge. As it is a short term intervention placement, a referral to the CUBE can only be done through a child’s mainstream school. The placement is split between CUBE and the mainstream setting so that children still feel part of their mainstream community and have opportunities to practice strategies and develop confidence and resilience in regulating their behaviours. The final decision of a CUBE placement is made by the Chair of the Redbridge Primary Behaviour Panel (RPBP). Decisions are guided by the Equality Act 2010 and the collective view of panel members. The panel consists of the Head of Behaviour and Inclusion and members of the Behaviour and Inclusion Team, Educational Psychologist, Senior Educational Welfare Officer, Senior SEND Team representative, the head teacher of Cranbrook Primary, head teacher representatives from Redbridge primary schools and the CUBE Manager.

The following steps outline the process for admission:

  1. Referring school has exercised all reasonable and available resources in supporting the child

  2. Discussion with parents/carers regarding the suitability of a CUBE referral.

  3. Parental agreement for the application to CUBE to be considered by panel.

  4. Application sent to the RPBP

  5. Applications are considered when panel meets(click here to download the dates) 

  6. Decision made with regards to a placement being approved

  7. Schools who have their applications approved are contacted and arrangements are made for transition to the CUBE.

  8. Parents/carers, the child and a member of staff from the school visit CUBE prior to starting

  9. CUBE manager visits the child and staff at the referring school

  10. A phased entry into CUBE is agreed

Cranbrook Primary School

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