We, the adults and children at Cranbrook Primary School, embrace every member of our community and their race, ethnicity, faith, gender, culture, physical and mental ability, beliefs and sexual orientation. We strongly believe that every single person, child and adult, deserves to be treated equally and fairly, and is entitled to equal access.

We recognise that all our school members contribute to the life of our school in a unique way bringing varying life experiences, beliefs and cultures. Every person has something valuable to contribute to the learning culture of our diverse community. We value and learn from all our cultures, faiths and beliefs, ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We believe that these underpinning principles will uphold the Cranbrook values of:


Respect  Excellence  Equality Friendship Courage Determination Inspiration

We expect everyone coming to Cranbrook Primary School to uphold these values and we will challenge any individual or group who does not support this ethos. If we fully encompass the diversity of Cranbrook Primary School, our children today will develop a broad outlook on life which will impact positively on their future tomorrow.