CUBE ( Communication and Understanding of Behaviour for Education )

Cranbrook Behaviour Centre is a new Additional Resource Provision which opened its doors to identified Redbridge pupils in September 2016, as a result of a school led initiative undertaken by Redbridge Primary and Special school Headteachers, who identified a need and worked in partnership with the Local Authority to start the provision.

It is the culmination of commitment and strategy developed by Headteachers to support children with social, emotional and mental health issues through a therapeutic approach and early intervention, working in tandem with the existing provision within Redbridge. The centre provides short stay placements for Primary age pupils (12 in total), predominantly but not exclusively KS2 pupils following a referral by the mainstream school.

Children will attend the Cranbrook Behaviour Centre 4 days a week Monday to Thursday and access mainstream provision, whilst also receiving a nurturing programme of support, which aims to enable them to self-regulate their behaviour and make them emotionally ready to be successful at school.

We aim to provide an ‘attachment friendly’ environment for vulnerable pupils, so that they are able to access the full mainstream provision before returning full-time to their own setting.

Cranbrook Primary School and the Behaviour Centre are committed to safeguarding its pupils and working in partnership with parents, carers and multi-agencies for the benefit of all our pupils.

The Curriculum

Communication and Understanding of Behaviours for Education. The name is an acronym underpinning the fundamentals of the new ‘Behaviour Unit’ at Cranbrook Primary School, thus extending our already excellent provision for a range of learners. Communication, because these children are trying to communicate something (although inappropriately) and we need to understand what is being communicated (the hidden message) and empower them to become emotionally literate and better communicators.

Understanding of Behaviours for Education:

We want to develop the ‘whole child’, addressing their anxieties, exciting them in their learning (academic and extra-curricular), enabling their areas for development and becoming more aware of social norms.

As the children will come to us at different ages and from different schools, we aim to cover core skills in the curriculum. This will be facilitated through a variety of exciting topics within a cross curricular curriculum. The main core skills will focus around English, Maths, Science and Outdoor learning, which will entail growing fruit and vegetables in the garden. The children will have the responsibility of caring for the school pets (with one of the pets being chosen by the children). Overarching these academic learning skills will be the essential area of social emotional development. The children will be taught how to express their feelings and emotions in an appropriate manner. This will include the skill of self-regulating emotions, peer support and developing team building skills through cooperation and care.