At Cranbrook Primary School we believe that good attendance and punctuality is crucial and leads children to achieving good progress and self-esteem. We will do our utmost to work with all parents and carers to ensure that all our children are regular attenders. 

If your child is away from school, please contact us to let us know the reason.  Please remember trips abroad during term-time will not be authorised and fines will be sent out. 

 To support in achieving at least 96 % attendance as stated in the SIP:
1. £10 is awarded at the end of every month for the class with the best attendance
2. Every term certificates are presented to pupils who have achieved 100% attendance
3. Attendance of each class is recorded in the newsletter each week
5. Newsletters are used to raise the profile/importance of attendance
4. SLT and EWO meet parents of persistent absentees
Electronic attendance updates are displayed in foyer to inform parents
Data and attendance are used in conjunction towards raising achievement