In Reception, for the third year, we celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday the 9th February.

Children came to school wearing their T- shirts decorated with 100 objects. This was a great way for the children to work creatively with their parents in preparation for the big day and express their interests. The children showed off their newly created T-shirts during our fashion show in the dance studio.

We enjoyed a break from the normal routine for the day as we practised Maths skills using games and activities based on the number 100.

Children had many opportunities to participate in lots of fun games and mini workshops.

And this is what they said:

“It is really good because it’s very funny.”

“I like colouring the numbers.”

“It’s good. We don’t have to have a uniform today but colourful T-shirts.”

“I like numbers. I can count to 100.”

“I like everything. Maybe making the crowns is my best.”

“Beads. I made a bracelet. Pink and blue.”

“We learn to count.

“Soooooo much fun.”

“We learn to count. And all about numbers. Numbers are good, you know. When you go shopping, you must know all the numbers”