Peer Mentor Team

Our dynamic team of Peer Mentors are trained and continue to be trained to support and befriend younger pupils, to teach younger pupils acceptable standards of behaviour and attitude through positive peer example and to support younger pupils through challenging times e.g. The transition from KS1 to KS2.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Developing one to one relationships with younger pupil

  • Sticking to their role, relationship and problem boundaries

  • Meet their Mentee on a regular basis

  • Remaining confidential and respectful to other’s opinions, feelings and life style

  • Attending supervision meetings and ongoing training

  • Talking through options and alternatives to help solve problems

  • Acting as role models throughout the school

  • Offering encouragement and motivation throughout their support


Ensure that important information is passed on to the Peer Mentor Co-ordinator when necessary

Peer Mentoring is about…​

  • Actively listening to others

  • Knowing when to use different styles of questioning

  • Keeping the boundaries and not getting over involved

  • Keeping confidentiality where able to

  • Understanding how to use negotiation and mediation

  • Knowing what help is available

  • Understanding others points of view

  • Knowing who else can help with the problems you may be faced with

  • Not taking sides



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