Over the past week in nursery, reception and year 1 we have been using the Maths Through Stories Program. This is going to become a termly occurrence. This term, the book which we have been using is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ All maths activities during this week were based around the story. The aim of this was to teach the children maths through a creative medium.

Children in all year groups were read this story each day prior to the day’s maths lesson. This was followed by interactive learning activities. These activities included: Counting with the fruits that the caterpillar ate within the story, matching the amount of a certain fruit to its numerical symbol and experimenting with the weight of the above mentioned fruit with balancing scales. In addition to this, the story allowed children to make progress in their knowledge of the days of the week, as within the story the caterpillar eats an increasing number of fruits as the days of the week go on. The story also talks about a ‘2 week’ period. This has been used within the classrooms to introduce the children to the idea of doubling a number, by explaining to the children that the number of days within a two week period will be twice as many as that within a week. 

We have found this program to be an effective way of engaging children more within maths lessons. Also, the Maths Through Reading Program leads itself to lessons through self-discovery, which aids children with remembering what they have learnt.