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Sport Premium

Equity for all.

At Cranbrook Primary School (CPS), Physical Education is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. In designing the PE curriculum, we believe it is crucial for all of us to be aware of the needs of our school community, so that the teaching and learning opportunities offered to our pupils during their time here are relevant to their needs and provide them with essential life skills for their future lives beyond CPS.


Cranbrook drives an inclusive, high-quality PE curriculum which delivers improvements in our children’s physical, mental and social well-being. We aim to enrich our children’s physical literacy through our curriculum and inspire participation in sport for life.

Our PE curriculum instils values of competitiveness, mutual-respect and sportsmanship. We enable our children to develop courage, build resilience and widen their horizons through new experiences.


Each class will receive up to 2 hours of physical activity per week. Classes are timetabled to have at least one hour of indoor and outdoor Physical Education session per week. The opportunities for PE include ‘Yoga’ and ‘Daily Mile’. Using the LCP scheme of work and the Chris Quigley curriculum, we will directly meet the objectives of the National Curriculum for PE, ensuring a progression of skills and the development of long-term memory. ​


By engaging children in extra-curricular sports clubs we want our children to become integrated into the Cranbrook community, building a sense of identity whilst leading healthy, active lives. In turn, our children will become confident communicators with their peers and members of staff.

Cranbrook recognises sport and Physical Education as a key aspect of British life and culture. Through increased access and participation in sport, we make our children aware of the ambition, determination and commitment required to succeed in sport and how these values can be applied in their daily lives.

Sport Premium

Please click on the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 buttons to see how the Sports Premium funding has been used and the impact it has made.

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