10 Top Tips To help when considering a Secondary School for your child

  • Look at the Redbridge Secondary Schools brochure for information on schools, dates to visit and admission criteria

  • Always visit more than one secondary school before deciding which one you prefer

  • Attend secondary school visits during the daytime as well as evenings. It is helpful  to see the school whilst pupils are working

  • Take your child with you when visiting a secondary school but inform your primary school in advance 

  • Talk to your child about their hopes for the future and their interests

  • Include your child when making your preference, Try to come to a joint decision

  • Remember that your child may no longer be in the same class as his/her friends, even if they choose the same school

  • Give your child plenty of praise and encouragement

  • Attend parent evenings and support your child’s education

  • Ask if you need help and advice – support is available