WYSAR and Early Reading

The curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children's language, communication, reading and writing. We value parental involvement and encourage the love of reading through WYSAR - ‘Wear your slippers and read’ mornings. Parents and carers are welcome to share the joy of books with their children in school.

Reading Scheme

At Cranbrook we develop phonics and early reading skills using Letters and Sounds. Teachers assess phonics using rigorous assessments to ensure children are developing in their segmenting, blending, and decoding skills. 
Pupils rapidly progress on to the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and then on to free reading.  We have developed top tips for reading for each stage of books so that pupils know how they can improve their reading and parents and carers can support at home to help their children make progress. 
In addition, we have staff trained in Reciprocal Reading as well as whole class reading approaches to accelerate fluency, comprehension and making inference to assist pupils to achieve at age expected levels and beyond. Children who are not working at the expected are supported through interventions such as Lexia to accelerate and boost their progress.

Reading for Pleasure

We encourage the love of reading through summer reading challenges, Readalicious high quality texts lists, world book days, teachers reading aloud, dear time, classic texts, shared reading, buddy reading and planning opportunities from a variety of quality literature including texts from diverse authors. We develop our school drivers and foster empathy, determination, aspirations and confident communicators through our choices of text and protagonists.  Displays around our school show that we are a reading community – with parent, pupil and teacher timelines demonstrating how reading has changed and shaped our lives.  Children are encouraged to understand and believe;

‘The more your read, the more you know, 
The more you know, the more you grow. 
The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice, 
When speaking your mind or making your choice. 
We believe Readers are Future Leaders!'

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