At Cranbrook we use the Reciprocal Reading Strategy. This approach uses a variety of thought provoking books as the core of a teaching programme. The ‘Reciprocal Reading’ books have been chosen because they are powerful, well written books, likely to engage children, stir their ideas and feelings and involve them in discussion. The approach addresses the four comprehension strategies of prediction, questioning, clarifying and summarising via a carousel of activities. The texts provide a stimulus for writing, opportunities for language acquisition and learning about the effect that writing has on the reader, and how the writer has created that effect.

We use Oxford Reading Tree as one of our core reading scheme and supplement this with books from many sources.


The UK's number one reading programme has taught millions of children to read. With systematic phonics at its heart, Oxford Reading Tree's well-loved characters, breadth and unrivalled support give you everything your children need to become confident and motivated readers.

Another scheme that we use is the exciting Project X. The series contains 392 highly motivating and engaging books from Reception/P1 to Year 6/P7. They include amazing 3D illustrated character adventures that will get your children reading for pleasure. They support a wide range of issues such as guided reading, phonics, comprehension, talk, raising boys' achievement, early intervention and writing.

ReadingZone Live brings regular interviews and live video conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to London schools. 

Take a look below at some sample responses from our 'Reciprocal Reading' sessions.