At Cranbrook Primary, our Science curriculum is aimed at increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world, equipping them with confidence and skills to make decisions to be lifelong learners, ready for the ever changing world around them. We aim to widen our children’s horizons and develop their aspirations, allowing them to be scientists of the future.

We equip our children with scientific knowledge through carefully planned and exciting Science opportunities, which allow them to learn independently, think critically and self-evaluate. Children use different types of scientific enquiry types to answer their own questions, including observing changes over time, noticing patterns and grouping and classifying. We also encourage outdoor learning where possible by using the sensory and roof gardens at Cranbrook. 

At Cranbrook Primary School, Science teaching offers children a wide range of skills within the classroom by using practical experiments, exposing them to different teaching methods using ICT and scientific equipment. It also allows them the freedom to lead their own learning and draw conclusions for themselves. Furthermore they develop their communication skills by learning and using technical vocabulary when presenting to their peers. Our Science curriculum also offers experiences beyond the classroom by using links with universities, industry and local high schools. These experiences build on the learning that the children acquire within the classroom and build an enriched Science curriculum, inspiring all.  

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